Our promise to keep your trees healthy!


“We want to maintain Nashville’s trees because we care about our community. We want to go the extra mile to ensure we can save every tree possible.” 

-Jeffrey Cross, Owner


– Tree inspection & report
– Discounted services
– Priority response for urgent work
– Flexible membership & payment plans
– Minor on-site tree work during routine inspections

We offer 3 levels of tree inspection; standard, plus, and premium. With all of our plans, you get a 1 on 1 appointment with one of our Nashville tree trained professionals. You will also get a multipoint tree inspection report of the said tree(s) in question.

The Benefits OF JOINING...

Multipoint Tree Inspection Report

Our tree expert will do a full 360 view of any tree in question. Looking for weaknesses in structure, foundation, insect infestation and disease.

Discounted Services

As a member of the N.T.I.P, you will receive a 10% discount off any and all services that we offer rather you need us to save a tree or remove one.

Priority Service For Customers

Not only do you get a 10% discount as a member, you also become our #1 priority. In an emergency situation where a tree is in danger of falling or has fallen, you will become our #1 priority before any nonmember.

Flexible Membership and Payment

We offer a cancel any time contract. Our membership program is free because we want everyone to join! Once you are a member, you select how often per year you’d like us to come out monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.

Minor On-Site Tree Work During Routine Inspections

We try to be as efficient as possible by being fully prepared for most situations. Minor trimming and treatments are normally a same-day operation.


1. Standard

Visual assessment
Our trained professional will do a full 360 degree walk around your tree. Looking for insect, disease, or structural issues.

2. Plus

Drone Assessment

While we can see a lot from the ground, our sight can sometimes be limited. Especially if the issues are higher up in the tree. The drone allows us to get up close on the issue and provide you pictures and video footage of the issue as well.


3. Premium

While visual and drone assessments can uncover most all issues, there’s one they can’t; Trunk rot from the inside. Our resistograph provides precise feedback telling us how healthy or rotted the trunk of any tree is. Sometimes a tree can look 100% healthy yet be very rotted all the way up the trunk.

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