If you want to do annual spring cleaning on your home, office, or business establishment, there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest the same time and effort taking care of your tree’s needs during this time of year!
Springtime is the only time when trees can grow new life, recover, and then relax, making it a good time for maintenance and light pruning if necessary. Removing dead, diseased and broken branches should be removed when noticed, especially after an active winter.

1. To Perform Tree Maintenance Services
Much like your car, your home’s air conditioning system, or your own body, trees also require routine inspections and maintenance. These checks are best conducted during spring.

2. To-Do Necessary Tree Trimming
The winter months and the fluctuating temperatures in late winter and early spring can cause serious problems to your trees. These harsh conditions can leave their limbs and branches weak. If left alone, those weakened branches can become a serious hazard, especially when faced with strong winds and storms. The warm spring weather provides an opportune time to remove these potential hazards and allow the tree to recover and grow.

3. To Provide Tree Removal Services
Tree removal should only be considered as a last resort and not a primary solution to dealing with damaged trees. Often times, trees that sustained damage from the previous winter can still recover when handled correctly.
However, there are times where the damage sustained by a tree is so severe that restoring it is virtually impossible. At times like these, when the structural integrity of the tree is so compromised that it now poses a potential hazard, tree removal may be your only option. Springtime is the best time to do it.